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what every college needs to know about social media

For that last few years I have been asked to speak to college students about social media. I love it!

Speaking to college students is a way to tap into the future.

Here is what every college needs to know about social media :

1. Art of (Branding) War – Know yourself, then know the competition then brand your uniqueness.
2. http://joselinmane.com/college-social-media/ http://joselinmane.com/college-social-media/Passion before Paycheck – the more you focus on what you love now the more income you will generate later. * 3. Think before you tweet

I have Every college needs to


11/11/11 Time for Change

It’s 11/11/11 Happy Veterans day.  On this day we honor the soldiers that have fought for our freedoms.

If it wasn’t for their commitment and sacrifice,  we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedoms we currently have today.

World War I formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, 93 years ago, that’s why veterans day is on 11/11 of each year.

This year it just happened to be 2o11, so it magically falls on 11/11/11.

And although what many of us do professionally pales in comparison to fighting a war and risking our lives, I believe we should also be striving to change the world for the better in whatever profession we choose, otherwise what was the point of all the sacrificing?

Also if we have the right plan, personal and business changes can be achieved with as little sacrifice as possible.

Here’s a 5 step process to help you and your business to make that change as quickly as possible:

  1. Discover your MO. Your MO is your MO, Modus Operandi. The way you approach a situation. As I have mentioned before I used the Kolbe A Index (non aff) however find the tool and resource that best suits you so that you can find what your naturally gifted in.
  2. Leverage your Passion. Make sure that whatever business you decide to pursue that you are passionate about it! Remember at the end of the day, it’s all work so you might as well be enjoying it!
  3. Discover the USP of your Business. (USP, Unique Selling Proposition) Determine what makes your business and/or personal brand different than your competition. If it isn’t already defined then set aside some time to solidify what your USP is. book a room This is properly one of the most important steps so make sure to invest enough time to get it right.
  4. Change. Take action to make the change and be committed to improving based on customer feedback.
  5. Review. Set aside time every 3 months to review the changes and make the appropriate changes as necessary.

So the three keywords for today are commitment, sacrifice and freedom.

  • Make a commitment to change
  • Realize that at times you must make a sacrifice for that change to become a reality
  • Because of someone else’s commitment and sacrifice you are able to enjoy your freedom, now do something positive with that freedom.

As we take time today to pay respect for those that have fought for our freedoms, let’s also make time to make the changes so that you can make the most of the freedom that we have been provided!http://joselinmane.com/111111-time-change/http://joselinmane.com/111111-time-change/


Photo: courtesy of CoxAndForkum.com

It’s been 1 year, 1 month and 1 day from my last post and my experiment is over. My experiment first started as a simple time management issue, I didn’t make time to write on 9/10/09 or 9/11/09, which would have been a great to write and pay tribute to the day that changed the world  forever, or the following day, month, and now a year.

However within the first week, I thought to myself if the common convention today is write a blog consistently and have instant Social Influence, I wanted to see if I didn’t blog consistently what would happen.

If I didn’t “blog” 300 words per post on a 3 day per week schedule would I somehow be less of a Social Media Maven.

The short answer is Yes however the long (tail) answer is No.

Yes blogging is probably one of the easiest ways to get recognized for what your passionate about, chronicle your expertise and build an online following.  As your following grows you essentially become the community manager of your personal brand.

The essence of a blog is this:

  1. You write, ideally contributing something of value to your reader(s),
  2. The reader(s) in turn subscribes to your ideas and spread the word to others
  3. Over time, the more you contribute valuable ideas to your readers the more they start transitioning from just readers to a community
  4. The more you encourage and get feedback i.e. comments / tweets / retweets / facebook likes / etc the more active your community becomes and the more you become a community manager
  5. Lastly the more the community becomes passionate about your ideas and community you have created the more influential you, the blogger, become

Now granted this is an extremely high level perspective of the essence of Blogging but the point is consistently blog valuable information to a growing number of people and become influential socially or is that socially influential?

According to the social encyclopedia, wikipedia Social Influence is quite simply “when an individual’s thoughts, feelings or actions are affected by other people.”

So in theory is that the more people “subscribe” to your ideas the more Socially Influential you become.

Now that is the short answer, however the long answer is that there are many ways to contribute and share ideas, blogging just makes it scalable on a world wide level.

I believe in the do what you do best and outsource the rest philosophy.  And instead of blogging for a global audience, I focused on developing my online social influence by focusing on my offline influence locally, here in Boston.

In last weeks Inbound Marketing Summit there was a lot of buzz around this concept of Offline affecting Online. The relationships you establish offline definitely affects your relationships online.

And even though I didn’t blog consistently I was still able to contribute to the Social Media ecosystem and accomplish my goals.

Here are just a few highlights of my non-blogging one year experiment.

If I was able to accomplish/ contribute these things without a blog, think of what you can accomplish. So forget about yesterday and what you didn’t do and focus on the future and what you can do. If you haven’t done what you set out to do last year, setup a plan to accomplish it this year, whether it’s blogging, writing a book, going to more offline events like tweetups, etc.

I choose to grow my online influence by focusing on my offline activities.  On average I support/attend 2-3 offline tweetups/events in Boston area a night

Now that my one year experiment is over, you will see more contributions from me here on my blog on a more consistent basis.

What do you think? Do you need to blog everyday or 3 times a week to develop/grow your social influence? If not, what other ways can you  grow your Social influence?http://joselinmane.com/blogging-1-year-effect-social-influence/http://joselinmane.com/blogging-1-year-effect-social-influence/ seo analysis domain name owners .


Why 09/09/09 09:09

The number 1 question everyone is asking me is why I launched on 09/09/09 09:09am EST

There really are 2 reasons that I am doing this.

#1 it’s a very cool date! Why not start today?  And since this date only comes along every 100 years, I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity to launch today!

You may not have realized this, but September has 9 letters in it, and today is Wednesday which also has 9 letters in it, and if that weren’t weird enough… today is the 252nd day of the year and if you add those numbers together they also equal 9.  Spooky.

#2 I want this blog to serve as an example of the concepts that I will be writing about. In my first video I spoke about strategy before tactics.  I strategically launched this blog today because I personally wanted a memorable date.  However I could have launch on any date. The key is taking action! You don’t need a special date to start, just make a plan and take action!

I want to let you know why there isn’t much content on this site. I purposely wanted to create a completely new site to illustrate that you can literally start from scratch at anytime and have a successful blog. http://joselinmane.com/090909-0909/ http://joselinmane.com/090909-0909/I want to show how a blog can evolve, just take action!

I also want to hear from you. Let’s start a discussion.  Please answer one of the following questions in a comment below this post.

  1. If you have a blog, when and why did you start it and what advice can you give to a person considering starting a blog
  2. If you don’t have a blog yet, what’s holding you back?

That’s if for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow.   See you then.


Welcome to JoselinMane.com

Welcome to JoselinMane.com.

My goal with this blog is to create a place for strategic thinking in a tactical world. What that means is, here you will learn how to best leverage the right people & technologies to achieve your business goals in the fastest way possible.

You see, we are living in a world where there seems to be an overwhelming amount of new social media tools and technologies.  And although having options is great, having too many options can be really daunting.  The fact that the tools are not being implemented has nothing to do with cost as most of the tools are free. I think the reason they are not being used is because there still quite a bit of misunderstanding on how to be best leverage them.

So the first step is to identify the best social media tools & technologies to use relative to your business goals, and then the next step is to learn how to best optimize them.  A key to speeding up the implementation of any of these tools is to know It who the right people are and if there are any online communities that you can reach out to if you need additional assistance.

There are tools like Twitter, FaceBook, WordPress, Firefox, and many many others that have become industry standards.

Unfortunately even though there are plenty of technology sites that focus on the technical aspects of these tools there are few site sites that talk about the business benefits to leveraging them.

I will not only, go over why your business should be leveraging these standard social media tools and technologies but most importantly how to use them and how to best optimize them for your business. You will see that once you get going these tools are not as complicated as they may seem at first, and can provide results in a very short period of time.

I will let you know about new tools as they become available.  I will test them and research the best way to optimize them. Then finally I will share my findings with you here.

I will also be interviewing Social Media Mavens & CEO’s of Technologies so that you get the best practices directly from the people that created the social media tools & technologies that I highlight here.

The key word here is leverage. How can you best leverage these tools for maximum results

My first gift to you, as I will be providing many, is a form called Tools for Blog Success.   It is a tool that I have created and give to my clients who want to start their own blog.  So, if you want to start a blog it will give you a blueprint on how to do so, or if you already have a blog, it will help you define your goals and improve on what you are already doing. Click on the word Tools for Blog Success for free PDF download.

I hope you enjoy this blog I have created for you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below. Thanks